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Employer Reporting Employee Crimes

10/4/2018 | Did You Know

DID YOU KNOW?         Although employers generally have no duty to report criminal conduct by their employees, there are exceptions to that rule. With the continued intermingling of employer and employee-owned technology, it is becoming more common for employers to discover possible criminal conduct of their employees. An example: An employee uses a personal laptop to access remotely the employer’s computer network. The employee brings the laptop to the employer’s IT professional for technical assistance. The IT […]

Facebook Hazards for Employers

10/4/2018 | Did You Know

DID YOU KNOW?         Employers who “screen” job applicants by the use of social media expose themselves to claims of discrimination by applicants who may otherwise be completely unqualified for a position. There has been substantial scrutiny paid to practices of employers who ask job applicants for Facebook passwords and access to other forms of social media accounts, but those practices largely have been discussed as potential violations of the applicant’s privacy rights. However, employers also place […]

EEOC Will Not Allow Complete Release

10/4/2018 | Client Alerts

THE LATEST ASSAULT ON EMPLOYERS EEOC STRENGTHENS ITS ANTI-EMPLOYER POLICIES         A recent directive from Washington, D.C., done without any legislative input, is yet another assault on employers of all sizes. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) investigates and prosecutes charges of employment discrimination. Many employers have received a “Charge of Discrimination” and spent thousands of dollars every time one of those Charges is filed, regardless of the Claim’s merit. Employers have been able to minimize their […]

Amended Ban the Box legislation in Philadelphia

10/4/2018 | Articles

NEW HIRING RESTRICTIONS ON PHILADELPHIA EMPLOYERS        Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has signed into law an amendment to Philadelphia’s “Ban the Box” legislation that places significant additional restrictions on employers seeking to determine whether prospective employees have criminal records.         Under the prior Ban the Box law, employers could not ask about an applicant’s criminal history on an employment application or in an initial interview but could conduct criminal background checks after the initial interview […]

ALA Newsletter Article – HR failure to investigate harassment

10/4/2018 | Articles

HR IN THE CROSSHAIRS: EMPLOYER HIT WITH HUGE JURY VERDICT DUE TO HR’S ALLEGED FAILURE TO INVESTIGATE HARASSMENT CLAIMS         It is often said, but not always followed: Human Resources takes all claims of harassment seriously and will investigate all such claims. Human Resources’ failure to do so in one recent case cost an employer $499,000.00. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) recently prosecuted a case against a physician services outsourcing company in which three employees alleged […]