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Ten Steps to a Successful Termination

  1. Follow Company Policies
    • Consistent enforcement of policies is critical
  2. Create a Paper Trail
    • Document performance problems prior to taking action if at all possible
  3. Unite the Management Team
    • Call Human Resources before action taken
    • Direct supervisors should be aware of action being taken – not all details
  4. Determine whether to give severance and request a release from liability
    • Consult with Human Resources or counsel
  5. Have a witness in the room during the termination
  6. Keep the termination short and simple
    • Do not argue over the decision
  7. Provide severance and insurance information
    • To be provided by Human Resources or payroll benefits company
  8. Communicate with remaining employees
    • Do not elaborate on the circumstances underlying the termination
  9. Better safe than sorry
    • Hire security, block passwords, change locks, disable email addresses if necessary
    • Plan with Human Resources
  10. Respect everyone
    • Do not make the termination worse than it needs to be
    • Understand that the employee will want to leave quietly to reduce embarrassment