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Mission Statement


Two Decades of Putting Employers First


        To educate and train employers of all sizes and in any industry to better manage and minimize risk to employers’ largest asset – their employees. We teach employers how to maintain compliance with ever changing employment laws, minimize risk of liability on employment related legal claims, and promote an effective, respectful workplace atmosphere. We teach our clients to defend vigorously their rights as business owners and employers while ensuring a productive workforce in order to provide a maximum return on an employer’s workforce investment.


        Our mission to educate and protect employers is founded on the following core/guiding beliefs and principles:

  • You built your company – we respect that.
  • You provide jobs – you deserve respect for that.
  • As an owner/manager of a business, you must manage risks in all aspects of your business.
  • Employees are simultaneously the biggest asset and biggest potential source of liability for an employer.
  • The legal system does and should protect the rights of workers, but not to the point that employers are helpless to run their businesses.
  • Employers are entitled to establish reasonable workplace rules and expect those rules to be followed.
  • Employers are entitled to control their business within the boundaries of the law.
  • When employers do their part to follow the law, employers are entitled to stand up for their rights, be protected under the law, and zealously defend the sanctity and integrity of their workplace.